(DEPRECATED) Amplenote-Readwise instructions for Pipedream September 2022

linkHow to report problems

⚠️ This integration is still in an Alpha state, so:

To report an issue, please send an email describing the problem you're facing.

Since this Pipedream Workflow is not yet stable, please do not share it with other people 🙏.

We're still playing around with formats and functionality, so feel free to use that same email address for any ideas for improvement.


Older versions:

linkInstructions for setting up the Readwise-Amplenote integration

If instead you want to update to a new version of the integration, check out How to update to a new version of the Workflow.

Configure the trigger:

Click on "Try Now" to test that the Trigger works and has access to your Readwise highlights

Click on "Select event" and select any "Event" from the list of Events that Pipedream displays. Click on "Save and continue".

Configure the individual Steps:

Expand the first step and configure it by:

Selecting your Readwise account again

Do the same for the second step, choosing the same Data Store you created above

Do the same for the third and fourth steps, except this time you need to connect to your Amplenote account (and the same Data Store)

Disable concurrency:

Navigate to the Settings menu for the Workflow using the triple-dot menu in the top-right corner

Enable the option called "Limit concurrency" and make sure the "Workers" option is set to 1

Increase the "Queue Size" option to 500, or a better number.

Click "Save"

Before testing the Workflow, note that this will pull in all existing Highlights from Readwise. This might take a while depending on how many Highlights you have.

Test the Workflow and check your Amplenote notebook.

Deploy the Workflow if everything looks fine.

linkHow to update to a new version of the Workflow

Delete or disable the old version by visiting this link;

Get the latest link for the Workflow (Usually listed under Changelog) and visit it while logged in with a Pipedream account;

Check the changelog for what's new in this version.

If you want to re-import your Highlights, you have two options:

Delete the Data Store that the old version of the Workflow is using;

Edit the old Data Store manually like this.

When configuring the new Workflow, follow the steps as listed in the setup instructions, making sure to select the new Data Store if you've created one.

linkHow does this work?

A new note will be created for each book/article/Twitter account. These notes will be tagged with captures/readwise/articles if it's an article, or captures/readwise/books if it's a book, etc.

The Workflow runs once a day. Every time new Highlights are found in your Readwise account, a new "notification" will be created in a note called "Readwise Inbox". The notification is nothing more than a task, designed as a way to make sure you don't forget to process your Highlights after capturing them.

New Highlights are added at the top of the corresponding note and are grouped under a heading representing the day they were created on.

The first time the Workflow is run, all of the existing Highlights in your Readwise account will be imported. If you have a large number of books/highlights, it might take a while for you to see all of them inside Amplenote, even after the Pipedream Workflow has finished running.

Note that you are not meant to edit the notes created automatically by this automation.

linkNotes on privacy

Your Readwise data is stored on Pipedream's servers in order to facilitate the syncing functionality with Amplenote. Namely:

Your Highlights are stored in Pipedream's "Data Stores" temporarily and they are deleted after sending them to Amplenote;

Details about the books/articles that your Highlights are coming from are stored in the Data Store and are only deleted if you manually delete the Workflow and the Data Store from the Pipedream dashboard;

The UUID's of the notes that are created for your Highlights are also stored in Data Stores, in order to be able to keep track of the correspondence between Readwise books and Amplenote notes;

All Pipedream privacy policies apply.