List of 10 ways that function definitions could be used

Being able to make a list of functions/classes that have contained the highest density of bugs (we have all the v1 pieces for this, including detecting when a commit resolves a bug, and assigning a blame commit)

Direct lookup of a class/method while browsing files to get a rundown of when it was introduced, how many bugs, how long has it existed, how many callers utilize it, etc.

Summarize a commit (e.g., for the right-side CAB newsfeed) based on which methods changed.

Summarize the changes to a particular file without opening it (e.g., "myMethodCall added checking for nil")

Suggest which class/methods might be removable

Notify when a class/method goes above some target size

Gather stats on ideal construction of methods

Stick to top of diff viewer when scrolling through a class/method

Evaluate degree of connectedness of repos (if we build a graph of which methods are invoked from where)

List which methods were authored by developers no longer contributing to the repo, especially those that are called from many places