Learn from PR overruns during your retrospective meeting

The "Closed PRs" tab in the "Pull Requests" section is where you can learn the long-term fate of the pull requests that your term has been merging:

A look over a few recently closed pull requests

These stats make great fodder for sprint retrospectives and 1-on-1 meetings, because they give you specific examples to be able to discuss where the pull request open, close, and follow-up process failed to match expectations.

Each pull request will indicate if its total size of either Diff Delta or Comments exceeded the targets for the team, as shown above in PR #899. This is also a great dashboard on which to audit how well your Story Points estimates have lined up with the observed Cycle Time per pull request. If you email support@gitclear.com with code #NZBE122 we will activate the display of Story Points per ticket in this view, so that you'll be able to see the per-PR correlation between the team's Story Point estimate and how much time was ultimately required.