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Planted: December 21, 2021

Last Tended: January 17, 2022

link👋🏾 Welcome to my digital garden

🌱 This digital garden is where you can find my musings on transformation and growth. The name of this digital garden is unknown dots. unknown dots is the name of the last section of the Intellectual Will guided journal that I published. It references the idea that sometimes it isn't until I look back that I can connect the dots, but until those insights arrive, I move forward into the unknown.

I believe everyone should have access to the information and resources they need to achieve their dreams. One way I can embody this belief is by learning in public.

I started writing online in February 2009 and since then I have consistently and inconsistently written under various names. One thing that is a through line is that I share my reflections in a narrative form.

I recently have given thought on how to share and preserve my thoughts. The collections and archives of the future will look different and I want to provide space for my family and who knows maybe future researchers to gain a glimpse into my process.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out my audience so I could write for them, but I now realize that I have an audience of one and that’s me. My writing is me talking to myself and clarifying my thoughts and beliefs. Along the way people have read, watched, and listened to my work.

I have a lot of thoughts and notes in my physical notebook, but I want to try to writing my notes digitally because my physical notebooks do not interconnect. I found Maggie Appleton's writing on bidirectional links and I spent a few weeks learning about taking better notes. I’m currently writing these interconnecting notes using Amplenote. Here I will begin to garden digitally. I hope that you enjoy the stroll.

I’m particularly interested in change. How do people change places and how do places change people? The starting points for my strategy for change are: self-discovery, collective growth, and knowledge sharing. Which can be conceptualized as Intellectual Will,  Collectively Upward, and Histofuturism. Which can be sloganized (made up word) into Learn.Grow.Pass.

These musings are the seeds and sprouts of my insights which when bloomed into evergreen thoughts, I share via my website, academic publications, and other publications.


I am working on the technical side of creating this digital garden on Wordpress (I write it on Amplenote). I am still working out the kinks. URLs open up in a new window and for some reason if you want to read the notes in the current window, you have to click the title of the link twice.

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I love when I find a website that has links that bring me up and down a rabbit hole of thoughts and insights. I don’t really plan on having much structure here. My hopes is that you click on a link and it takes you on an insightful stroll. For those who like to see the process, here are the thoughts and questions that lead to my finished products. If you’re not into seeing rough thoughts and ideas and musings, you might want to check my books and publications.

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