🌞 Sampler Template: Daily Startup

Add any other tasks that help you start the day.

Replace [[Fake Note References]] surrounded in square brackets with actual Note References.

Start using it every day in your Daily Jot. using [[=.

Use Ctrl-Space to cross out items from the template as you complete them.

Throughout your day, make sure to log other stuff that is important to you, for example [[✍️ Project Logs]] or [[✍️ Meeting]].

You can use this template every morning or you can use it every evening. Adjust the phrasing accordingly.

☕ Make coffee

[[✍️ Health logs]]:

[[💤 Sleep]]

[[🍎 Food]]

[[🏃 Physical activity]]

[[🌼 Mood meter]]

Make the [[🌿 Daily Plan]]

Any events today that need explicit preparation?

Any leftovers tasks from yesterday's [[🌿 Daily Plan]]?

What should I start working on from the current [[🌳 Weekly Plan]]?

[[👌 Baseline goal]] - include the most pessimistic plan here

[[🙌 Stretch goal]] - include what your first estimation for a day's worth of tasks is