GitHub vs GitClear: Recent commit activity

tl; dr 2 min Youtube version of this content

The most common question developers and their managers need to know on a day-to-day basis: who is working on what? Here's how GitHub answers that question:

GitHub summarizing the 6 most recent commits in our repo

And here's how GitClear answers it:

GitClear summarizing 3 days worth of commit activity -- about 3 long text pages on GitHub. Each circle represents a commit.

You'll note that some of the circles are darker than others, that indicates they were already reviewed. We game-ify the process of reviewing commits by demarcating which ones the user has and hasn't reviewed yet. The biggest circles are those that most evolved the code base. If one hovers on a commit that is part of implementing a Jira ticket, we'll also highlight the other commits that implement that ticket and show their work together.

From here you can jump straight into reviewing work, while keeping the context of where you were browsing within recent commit activity 🤯

What it's like to review commits on GitClear, in one animated gif. Note the "work implements" blurb linking back to the corresponding issue tracker ticket.

Which tool would you prefer to use to keep track of activity happening in a repo you care about? As of September 2019, GitClear will launch free support for browsing the largest GitHub open source repos to keep abreast of their latest activity.