🌳 Template: Weekly Review

Add any other tasks that help you start the week.

Replace [[Fake Note References]] surrounded in square brackets with actual Note References.

Start using it every week in your Daily Jot. using [[=. Add a reminder to do it every Sunday so that you don't forget.

Use Ctrl-Space to cross out items from the template as you complete the.


Clear weekly inboxes:

Organize new photos in the Gallery

Organize new files in the Downloads folder.

Go over group:untagged notes and tag them.

Revisit [[✍️ Health logs]] for for the week

Revisit [[✍️ Project logs]] for the week

Revisit [[✍️ Meeting logs]] for the week:

Did I complete my previous Baseline weekly plan?

Planning area:

[[🌳 Weekly Plan]]

Any events this week that need explicit preparation?

Any leftovers tasks from the last [[🌳 Weekly Plan]]?

What should I start working on from the current [[🌲 Monthly Plan]]?

[[👌 Baseline goal]] - include the most pessimistic plan here

[[🙌 Stretch goal]] - include what your first estimation for a week's worth of tasks is