Defining Collectively Upward

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Inspired by my dissertation work, I want to understand how people change places over time. Which people? Well, for the most part my writing and ideas stem from my experiences, so I'm mostly talking about how a Black woman can change a place. What places? I'm in love with Toni Cade Bambara's quote that the "revolution begins with the self, in the self," The places that I think about are the self, home, school, work, and nature. What time? All of time; the past informs the present and the future.

I want to focus on the question of how do Black women change places and grow. This direction allows for the exploration of power and access in relation to the various places Black women operate. Right now, I'm focused on self-exploration and self-healing as starting points for personal growth in Black women.

I want to serve as a leadership and mentoring resource. My first mission is to connect 1000 growth-oriented Black women to information that helps them change the places that they occupy. Think of it as a framework for moving Collectively Upward.

Thinking about milestones and progress, the following five areas are objectives to shoot for.

Income generated through physical and intellectual property.

Boundaries in place to lead a fulfilled life.

Honor the environment.

These objectives can be measured by reaching milestones like:

A new law, rule, policy, program, etc. is implemented in a place.

Behaviors, mindsets, values, and norms shift.

Embracing personal power and identity.

Comfortable with self and acknowledging accomplishments.

A switch to one or more sustainable or environmentally friendly practice.

The values that guide this work are: