Linux/Windows: Printable Keyboard Shortcut Master List

link📍 Navigation

Quick Open: Navigate by note titles, recent notes, or tag, switch between modes: Ctrl-O

Tab or up/down arrows to navigate menu, Enter to select, Esc to close

Open Peek Viewer: Ctrl-J

Create a new note: Ctrl-Alt-N (or navigate to )

Visit link at cursor: Ctrl-Shift-. or Ctrl-Space

Return to the previous note: Ctrl-Shift-, (or with Alt-Left arrow)

Add a new tag to a note: Ctrl-Alt-T

Open a PDF in Peek Viewer: Ctrl-Click

Open a new note in Peek Viewer: Ctrl-Click on the "New note" button

link🔗 Note linking

Create a new note: [[New note title]], or [[tag/subtag/New note title]]

Create a new or link to an existing note: Ctrl-[ or [, on text selection

Link to an existing note, adding all tags from current note: Shift-Ctrl-[, on text selection

link🖥️ Display & Layout

Cycle through displayed panels: Alt-[ and Alt-]

link✅ Tasks

To-do lists:

Create a task: [], Tab to indent, Shift-Tab to outdent

Move tasks up or down in a list: Ctrl-Shift-Up and Ctrl-Shift-Down

Expand or collapse sub-task: Ctrl-,, when in a parent task

Convert a bullet into a to-do: Ctrl-Enter

Task details:

Invoke task commands: !

Mark task complete: Ctrl-Space or !complete

Dismiss task: Alt-Shift-Space or !dismiss

Cross-out task: Ctrl-Shift-Space or !cross-out

Mark task Urgent: Alt-Shift-U or !urgent

Mark task Important: Alt-Shift-I, or !important

Mark task duration: 15min - Alt-Shift-1, 30min - Alt-Shift-3, 60min - Alt-Shift-6,
90min - Alt-Shift-9, or !duration

Open/close Task Details: Ctrl-. then Tab to navigate between fields, Space to select

Create a new line in a task: Shift-Enter

Paste into a task: Ctrl-Shift-V

link🔮 Evaluation (calculator)

Math calculation: {1 + 1}, {pi * 10**2}

Relative date calculation: {today}, {tomorrow}, {yesterday}

Absolute dates: {monday}, {the weekend}, {september}, {october 31st}, {oct 31}

Past and future dates: {next monday}, {last week}, {next year}, {in 14 days},
{a month ago}

Time calculation: {now}, {10 minutes ago}, {in three hours}, {9 pm}, {21:30}

Date and time calculation: {today at 8pm}, {tomorrow at 10:45}, {tuesday at 22:00},
{Mar 12 8am}

link🎨 Formatting

Link or Rich Footnote: Ctrl-K or [Link text](

Ctrl-K removes footnote under cursor; Tab jumps in and out of footnote editor

Print a note to PDF: Ctrl-Shift-F

Text formatting:

Bold text: Ctrl-B or *wrap text between asterisks*

Italic text: Ctrl-I or _wrap text between underscores_

Highlight text: Ctrl-H on text selection or ^wrap text between carets^

Strikethrough: ~wrap text between tildes~

Block quote: Ctrl-Shift-> or > text

Code snippet: Ctrl-` or `wrap text between backticks`

Code block: Ctrl-Shift-\ or ``` wrap lines between pairs of 3 backticks ```


Bullet list: Ctrl-Enter on a non-bullet item, * text or - text on a new line; Tab to indent, Shift-Tab to outdent

Expand or collapse children bullet items: Ctrl-,, when in a parent bullet

Numbered list: 1. text on a new line; Tab to indent, Shift-Tab to outdent

Move bullet/numbered items up or down in a list: Ctrl-Shift-Up and Ctrl-Shift-Down


Ctrl-Shift-1, Ctrl-Shift-2, Ctrl-Shift-3

Or by starting lines with a hashtag #: # heading 1, ## heading 2, ### heading 3

Convert a heading to a paragraph: Ctrl-Shift-0

Expand or collapse children text: Ctrl-,, when in a parent bullet

Emoji: :emoji-name:

Horizontal line: --- or Ctrl+Shift+-

Undo: Ctrl-Z

Redo: Ctrl-Shift-Z