Freedom February 2020 Options

linkBill's top picks

Daytona Beach. 5br @ $201/room/night after tax. Good lookin beach. Looks big (3700' sq ft) and modern. Somewhat walkable. 3.5 baths. Daytona Beach activities, per Tripadvisor.

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linkOption 1: Hawaii

Flight to Kahului 6 hours @ 488 via Alaska.

Puamana Beach on Maui. 4br $273/room/night after tax. Beachside, looks modern, only 1800 sq ft / small kitchen. Kind of walkable to an urban area.

Big Island Beachfront. 4br $258/room/night after tax. Ideal work quarters. Second-rate furnishings. Most bedrooms have a view. BFE location.

linkOption 2: Cayman Islands. Map.

Flight 11 hours @ $560 via Jetblue per Google Flights.

Oceanfront condo on Seven Mile Beach. 3br $330/room/night after tax. "Biggest pool on Seven Mile Beach." "One of the largest patios on SMB." Rooms small/spartan but amenities would be well-utilized. Looks pretty walkable?

linkOption 3: Florida

Flight 7 hours @ $200-250. Average February high 75 degrees, low 64.

St. Petersburg Beachfront. 6br $156/room/night after tax. Reasonably walkable.

Casa Dolphina in Saint Petersburg. 6br $125/room/night after tax. Pool and hot tub on water. Not too walkable, but near stuff.

Daytona Beach. $201/room/night after tax. Good lookin beach. Looks big and modern. Somewhat walkable.

linkOption 4: San Diego

Flight 3 hours @ $300 probably. February weather averages high of 66 degrees, low of 51. Actual temps during our window in 2019 a bit grim, especially for swimming.

Nantucket Getaway. 6br $133/room/night after tax. Hybrid indoor/outdoor quarters👌. Lux living room. Rooms don't have views. Kitchens on two levels. Great-looking location.

Riviera Home. 4br $178/room/night after tax. Many good shared spaces. Large kitchen. Upstairs and downstairs living rooms. Idyllic location.

Bluff home. 3br $192/room/night after tax. Ideal working quarters. 2400 sq ft for 3 bedroom is generous. Michael Breuer sitting zone. Walkable to much.