Amplenote News September 4th

Tag improvements! New contextual menu for tags, accessible from the tag sidebar or next to the tag name when a note is selected. Check out the dedicated help page:

Rename a tag

Merge two tags: when merging tag "A" into tag "B", all notes tagged with "A" will receive the "B" tag instead (and all notes tagged with "B" will be unaffected)

Delete a tag: deleting a tag will remove it from all notes, leaving those notes otherwise untouched

Delete all notes under a certain tag

Note count for each tag is now displayed next to the tag name in the sidebar

Support for uploading videos inline!

Search features:

The quick-search Ctrl-O menu now allows you to narrow down your searches to either:

notes created by you and shared with others or

notes created by others and shared with you

Also available now are group: sharedSent and group: sharedReceived, working in both normal and quick-search; sharedSent keeps only the notes shared by you, while sharedReceived keeps only the notes shared with you

Tags can be negated in search and quick-nav by prefixing them with ^: in:^daily-jots matches notes that aren't tagged as daily-jots

Task improvements:

New !duration task command!

The "Completed" tab of a note now shows tasks completed up to 6 weeks in the past (with plans to extend this window of time)

In the "Completed" tab of a note it is now possible to filter the list of tasks by a custom range of time

Tasks mode: Add option to show or hide tasks from notes created by other people

Typing [[= and choosing either a note or a heading from a note will paste the selected content at the cursor position

Calendar mode now shows more details of Google/Outlook events

Improvements to importing notes into Amplenote:

Importing markdown files will now recognize inline tags (#tag, #tag with spaces#) and apply them to the note

Importing from Evernote or Roam now adds imported/evernote or imported/roam respectively to all successfully imported notes