We are delighted to finally announce the release of GitClear Enterprise, a version built to install on-premises behind your firewall. This has been a project that we've been working on for the better part of the past year, and has been far-and-away our most-requested feature -- it feels like a momentous occasion to have it shipped!

Here are some details about what Enterprise is and how it works:

linkWhat is it?

Questions about what the GitClear On-Prem enterprise edition is.

linkWhat does it do?

Everything that our current site does, including Commit Browser, Directory Browser, and the rest of our tools built to improve code clarity and developer throughput. We also process all pull request stats and comments to help drive clear collaboration across your team.

linkWhat does it work with?

All of the platforms that our current site does, including Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket Server -- either their hosted enterprise version, or their standard version. We are working to add support for Azure Cloud in the coming months.

linkHow do I get it?

Request a demo or drop us a line at support@gitclear.com.

linkWhy use the on-prem version?

Our Enterprise offering is ideal for medium- or large-scale companies. These companies often require intense scrutiny for any software that will be used within their firewall, particularly software that is analyzing the code -- one of the company's most precious assets.

GitClear's Enterprise version offers the opportunity to own and host all of your processed code data. Many companies find this preferable to integrating with a cloud-based service such as we have previously offered.

linkHow is it packaged?

It's a self-contained docker image that includes a guided install via a single command instruction. The total download size is about 800mb compressed.

linkWhat connectivity does it require?

The application requires periodic license validation, which is generally consummated within a few megabytes of communication per month. Aside from that, the Enterprise install needs to be able to connect to the provider of your source code.

linkWhat specs are recommended to run it?

Highly dependent on how many active developers you'll be processing. For best performance, we recommend at least 64gb of available RAM and 8 cores per 1,000 active developers being processed. You can probably get by with less, but performance may suffer in some areas.

linkHow much does it cost?

Depends on what level of service is provided, and whether you allow us access to diagnostic debug information (which reduces our time needed to debug, so reduces our cost to provide). One would generally expect to pay 1-1.5x of the rack rate.

linkInstalling and using the Enterprise edition

Questions about the installation and use of GitClear's enterprise edition.

linkResolve "We could not verify the SSL certificate of your endpoint" or similar SSL errors

We've created this help page with suggestions to get past SSL errors that you may experience while setting up GitClear On-Prem.