Great engineering management doesn't occur in isolation. Effective management happens by harnessing past research and applying it to the current situation. GitClear's new Community page is our latest effort to bring research, experts, and collective wisdom to the challenge of "how to get the most from my engineering team?"

Specifically, there are three ways that we think the Community section will make us all a little smarter:

Learn from others. We expect this learning to come in many flavors. The first flavor will be GitClear staff learning from customers who are onboarding and might struggle to prioritize their focus. The second is customers learning from customers, as we discuss how to interpret report data. Another flavor of learning will be our collective learning as GitClear team members will aim to post new software research analysis every week or two, starting with What Predicts Software Developers' Productivity?

Generate more real world use cases. One of the most common questions posed by new customers, “how are others using this?” While hundreds of customers actively employ GitClear to improve their repo health, there has been minimal opportunity for all of this wisdom to overlap and create learning. We want to create a spaced for engineering leaders to learn from one another, and learn from the research they ask us to conduct.

Create exposure for effective contract CTOs (not agencies). There are a lot of companies that utilize the help of part-time CEOs, but it’s hard to know which one to pick. We want to create a virtual bulletin board of sorts so that CTOs who are knowledgeable about data-backed strategies to improve engineering outcomes. If it goes well, we would love to provide a free resource for other technical professionals to be able to offer data-backed detail into their history.

To create some incentive for participation, the first 50 members of our community will get automatically subscribed with special privileges that entitle them to help us establish the norms.

Talk to you soon!

PS Are you a freelance/consultant CTO that wants to learn more about GitClear? Email with the subject “CTO Offer”. We’ve got resources specifically tailored to help you get up to speed fast.