GitClear provides an API for its customers to submit or query data on their development progress.

linkCreating a new API token

To begin using the API, you'll need to create a token. This is possible by visiting Settings -> API dashboard:

Visit "Settings" then "API Dashboard" to arrive at the "Create a new API token" button

A token is created upon clicking the button. If you check your bearer token into source control, be sure to encrypt it soon since API tokens do not expire except upon request.

We opted against the standard Oauth-based token flow since it's expected that many GitClear API calls will be generated through hooks and automated processes that aren't well equipped to traverse the Oauth token refresh process.

linkUsing an API token for posting and querying data

All of the current endpoints supported by GitClear are listed in our API Reference documentation. Start there to see the menu of currently-available API endpoints.

linkNeed a new endpoint?

GitClear's API is being constructed as we encounter real world use cases from our customers. If you have a use case that the API could accommodate, please email us at We can generally schedule & implement a new API endpoint within around two weeks.

Some possible integrations that you might want to request:

Integrate GitClear issue tracking with non-Jira issue trackers

Add code comments received outside the context of your commit provider

Get the CSV file from a particular combination of report + resource

Submit a range of days when a developer has time off, so as to suspend notifications about them having low activity

Submit details about team structure such GitClear can automatically update its teams as employees cycle through roles