Management would like to drop a quick line here to apologize if any customers see data that looks amiss during the next few days. A v3 refactor of our commit processing system is underway, with the end goal of being able to render an arbitrary set of commits of almost any size within a second or two (!). In this process making the necessary data and validation updates, we are rebuilding our line provenance determination to grow more robust, which should have beneficial knock-on effects in the Historical Activity graphs. Wouldn't it be nice if you could ask the history for a line and see only the meaningful changes, not all the moves and file renames?

We expect that the heavy lifting for this change will be done during the coming week, but until that time, you might notice Line Impact numbers that seem atypical. We try to minimize big upgrades like these, and we've been adding tons of tests as we flesh out commit parsing, so hopefully you will agree that everybody's long-term interests are served. 😃