The Cohort Report allows developers to assess how their onboarding is progressing relative to past developers that joined a repo. Developers may share their cohort progress with their manager, allowing them to work together to identify their speed in making repository change and see how they compare to developers of the same length of tenure.

When viewed by an authorized user, the report will look something like this:

The Cohort Comparison graph shows how quickly a new developer is getting up to speed relative to past developer hires. The contributor shown here is showing a consistent pattern of matching or exceeding past developer performance

A cohort is a group of people who share common characteristics within a defined period of time. It’s a great way for a new hire to get a sense for how their progress compares to others who were previously at a the same phase of onboarding.

GitClear uses cohort analysis to give developers a powerful way to understand when to seek help. Based on our experience, we’ve listed a few areas where code metrics can steer a new developer toward their path of maximum throughput and satisfaction:

linkIdentify your strengths

Does you excel on weeks that you work on Python tasks, but struggle on weeks working in Ruby? What patterns can you find in the weeks where you're happiest, with highest Diff Delta? Are there certain types of tasks that you can see a pattern of struggling with?

linkImprove the onboarding experience for future hires

Are you struggling to get started? What is the state of the documentation like for a new hire? Could the environment set up process be improved for those who will later join this repo? Your cohort report will reveal whether the team needs to make an investment in upgrading the onboarding materials.

linkShare with your manager

How can you challenge yourself to continue improving your efficiency, without sacrificing quality? As you continue to see your impact ascend, you can consider sharing your progress with your manager to ensure you get recognition for your arrival as a fully up-to-speed repo contributor.