An active contributor in GitClear is any user who has made one or more commits to your GitHub or GitLab repository in the past 30 days. You can merge or exile active contributors in the entity settings.

When you sign up for a paid GitClear account, we’ll charge your credit card for the total amount due based on that day’s contributor count. Your signup date becomes your monthly subscription renewal date, when we'll update your active contributor count.

linkMonthly subscriptions

On your monthly subscription renewal date, we'll charge your credit card for the current number of active contributors in your account, plus any new contributors added since your last payment. If your active contributor count has decreased since your last payment, your bill will reflect the adjusted contributor count.

Here's an example of the bill for a monthly subscriber who added active contributors in the last billing period. 

linkAnnual subscriptions

For GitClear users with annual subscriptions, your default payment method will be charged the 12-month total due on your annual renewal date.

Changes in your contributor count will be charged or refunded monthly. We’ll count active contributors on your monthly subscription renewal date. Any increases or decreases will be prorated for the remaining months of your annual subscription. The charge or refund will be applied to your credit card on file. 

Here's an example of the billing history for an annual subscriber with a changing active contributor count. 

Visit your Billing and Subscriptions tab to see your active contributor count, billing history, and subscription renewal info.

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