When importing your repositories, we analyze all the files and add a line impact score based on the work done. However, often companies do not want all files or directories to be scored. For example, many will ignore third party library code, or auto-generated configuration files. When not ignored, such files introduce noise in developer measurement.

Ignore masks have been designed to allow you to ignore any branch, directory, filename, or file extension. Ignore masks can be implemented at any of the typical scopes: repo, organization, or entity. 

linkAdd a New Ignore Mask via Settings

  1. From your dashboard, choose the repo, organization, or entity you wish for the ignore mask to apply to.

  1. Go to the Settings > Ignore Masks 

  1. Select the type and enter the name of the file or location to be ignored.


  1. Select the type and enter the name of the file or location to be ignored.


linkAdd a New Ignore Mask via Commit Viewer

Since the most common time to remember files and directories to ignore is when you're reviewing commits, we've built the ability to set up a new ignore mask into our diff viewer. Just use the "X" icon next to a file name:

Once you click the icon, you'll be given a dialog to pick what you wish to ignore:

Isn't that nice? You can remove the Ignore Mask via your settings page later if you so desire.


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