Having trouble getting your repositories imported? Whether the issue lies in having your repositories import after selecting them, or not seeing the repos on the import page at all, we're here to help. This page discusses the most common sources of trouble when getting your repos imported into our service, and how to remedy them.

linkProper permissions

Make sure that the source provider account you are using to log into GitClear is authorized to read the repo in question. If you are not an admin for repo(s) you want to import, you may need to ask an admin to check for you.

In GitHub, this is under your repo Settings -> Collaborators and Teams.

In GitLab, this is under your repo Settings -> General (check the visibility settings) and Project information -> Members (you may be listed under a group)

In Bitbucket, this will be in your repository menu (expanded from the sidebar), then User and group access

In Azure, this is under Project Settings -> Permissions

linkGitHub: OAuth token authorization

GitHub organizations can supplimentally require admin permission for a user in the organization to use API tokens with organization data. If this is enabled, you may not see your repositories appear at all in the import screen, and any repo that has this turned on after importing starts will see data fail to import. You can remedy this with steps outlined by GitHub . Make sure with your organization admin that this setting is not enabled if you're not seeing any expected repos available for import.

linkGitHub: SAML SSO

GitHub organizations can utilize SAML single sign-on (SSO). In such cases, accounts must be properly linked to use and import repositories. See GitHub's steps for remedying this.

linkBitbucket: IP whitelisting

For providers like Bitbucket, you may optionally lock out API access to your repos. This is controlled by Bitbucket's allowlisting functionality. If you need to enable access for GitClear's IPs specifically, you'll want to whitelist the following set of IPs:

You may need to restart your repo imports if they were previously stalled as a result of our servers being blocked from API access.