See previous iterations of this idea: Amplenote feature idea: task searching (old)


One of the nicer features of Roam is the ability to type (( and instantly start searching for individual blocks by typing in key words. Selecting a search result will create a link to that block inside the current note. Lucian thinks connecting tasks in this way would be pretty cool.

Searching for tasks is useful when unsure if a task already exists somewhere else.

Typing !! when editing a task brings up a task search window (similar to the [[ window)

Typing words searched through tasks across all notes narrowing down the list

Using arrows selects tasks from the list

Hitting Enter when a task is selected navigates to that task's location inside the note it is from

Hitting Ctrl-Enter when a task is selected moves that task to the current note at the current position, replacing the task that is being edited

Hitting Enter when no existing task is selected simply creates a new task at the current location

Extra credits if:

The task search window also matches note titles

Hitting Ctrl-Enter on a note title moves all of the note's task to the current note

Alternative ideas:

Instead of !!, we could have an additional task command such as !search