Planted: December 24, 2021

Last Tended: December 24, 2021

One day I hope to be a fiction writer, but until that day I am writing non-fiction. In my writing I often use words that I created or words that exist in a different way. Here is a listing of my lexicon.

All the entries are part of larger body of work.

I am using this page as a one stop shop for listing in alphabetical order the words, concepts, or phrases I am creating.

I am doing my best to articulate the meaning of the words, concepts, or phrases.

Each entry is tagged as "references."

Sometimes entries will link.

Each entry has:

Date planted and last tended

First created (If I remember)

Word as the title


Term in use


linkLM Lexicon

Civic-Minded Business Technologist

Collectively Upward

Culinary Cheat



Intellectual Will


Lima Pea Co.

Lofi Movement

Lofi Starter

Narrative Letter

Our Business History

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