We've been keeping very busy since our last product update a couple months ago. Now, we could explain everything we've been working on lately over the next 1,000 words, or...

Wouldn't an automatically refreshing picture be a nicer way to tell the story of what we've been up to? We think "yes," so that's what we're launching with today's release. This is real, almost-live data on the biggest issues we've worked on during the past three months:

A dynamically updating picture of work that developers have published to help their manager and teammates keep in the loop

There is some strong inception energy with this one: the biggest feature we've worked on in this quarter....lets us show you what we've been working on. 😂 The coolest part: every hour you visit this blog, that image will update to reflect the latest work. It tells an ongoing story of what's fresh and exciting in the dev realm.

Poetic? Maybe a little. Practical? Definitely. A live updating changelog can seriously cut down the lag between when developers start working on a feature, and when customers see proof their requests are being heard. By letting developers publish their meaningful work in this image, they're primed to receive acknowledgement from their teammates and excitement from customers.

linkTable of contents

That is the headline change from the past couple months. In total, we've got more done lately than you have energy to read about it, so let's cut to the chase with an index of what's new in the last two months:

linkOpen a portal into the world of development...from anywhere 🌎

As described in our Chart Glimpse Overview, developers can now publish their latest handiwork to anywhere that allows an image to be posted. It's an especially fun feature for small teams that thrive on high transparency, and for freelancers that want their progress to be visible to supporters. Here's how it looks on my Github Profile page:

A glimpse into recent progress via Github Profile is one fun way to use Chart Glimpses

Where else can Chart Glimpses be published? Anywhere that you can paste an image! The Alloy.dev home page, which is published free via Github Pages. Your website. Company reporting dashboards. Powerpoint/slide decks. Email, obviously.

Not only can you publish these pictures in all sorts of places, we offer quite a few choices to configure your Chart Glimpse to taste. 👩‍🍳

linkMeet our first Technical Executive Advisor, author Greg Thomas 🤩

Want to work with a published expert well-versed in the playbook to increase your engineering throughput by 10-15% or more? Greg is following up his well-regarded book with three pragmatic, experience-driven blog posts we'll be publishing in the coming month. These posts will offer practical advice on managing tech debt & protecting your dev team's time. 👼

Check out Greg's profile in our new Technical Executive Advisor section if you'd like to discuss your team's optimal use of GitClear with him directly.

linkFree subscription months for customer referrals

Has GitClear helped your team improve transparency and get more done? Pass along an invite code to a friend next time you're having lunch, and you can get substantial savings on your subscription. Click the "Earn Rewards" option after logging in to take your pick of benefits.

linkSign up as a GitClear Ambassador

If you advise tech companies, it pays to understand GitClear. Literally. A lot.

linkUbiquitous dark mode now live

As you can see from the quarterly update board now posted here, ubiquitous dark mode was one of our biggest changes of the quarter. Ironically, it hasn't made its way to the blog, quite yet. Hopefully somebody will give us shit about this in the comments to spur a fix.

Dark Mode was implemented on behalf of improving the visuals for our new Beginners Guide to GitClear video✨, a 14 minute tour to acquaint beginners with GitClear's potential use cases.

linkStill reading? You deserve a free tee.

Tired of wearing the same old clothes for the past two years? Not so tired of it, but think that maybe you should be? Nothing says "I'm STILL working from home" like a cozy GitClear or Amplenote t-shirt.

This week our first round of GitClear and Amplenote t-shirts were delivered to us, and the execution by our shirt vendor was top-notch. We believe you will find these tees at least as soft as they look:

If you've read allll the way down to this point in the blog post, you're probably already a GitClear customer? If so, email support@gitclear.com and tell us which of these four shirts you'd like, what size, and where to mail it. We'll send one your way, gratis, if you email us by the beginning of next week (Jan 31).

Note that the GitClear shirt with the parrot is our NSFW t-shirt, as the parrot is destroying a road with some adult language. After this coming weekend, this will be an exclusive shirt to be unlocked by partners.