This stats page can be viewed for each entity, organization, repository, and individual.

The period of data being viewed can be modified using the drop-down menu in the top right.


On this page you will find: 

linkStats Historical View

  • Line Impact per day - The average Li/day for the given period

  • LI Change - The change in Line Impact compared to your teams all-time average. (When viewing an individuals stats page LI change will be compared to individuals all-time average)

  • Total Lines Changed - The number of lines changed during this period.

linkCode Breakdown:

  • Breakdown by Provenance - Includes New Code Added, Normal Work, Code Deleted, Own Code Deleted, Churn Work, and Other

  • Breakdown by Operation - Includes Added, Updated, Deleted, Find Replaced

  • Breakdown by Code Domain - The category of code that was impacted. These values change based on your Code Categories.

linkHourly Line Impact:

This graph shows how much Line Impact has been accumulated per hour over the time you've selected. Note that this graph does not simply count up how many commits were made each hour. Its method is to spread the Line Impact of each commit proportionally across the hours that were consumed authoring the commit.

linkPunch Card:

The punch card will show which days have the most active during the period selected. The radius of each circle on the calendar corresponds to the relative Line Impact for that day. Hovering over the circle will provide the number of commits and total Line Impact on the combined days during that period. 

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