GitClear is compatible with GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket repositories. When importing data each of these providers limit the number of API requests we are allowed to make in a given time period. This can slow down or delay processing, especially during a repository’s initial import.


The API quotas for each provider are:


  • BitBucket: Varies from 1,000 to 30,000 requests per hour, depending on operation (learn more at
    Note: GitClear uses the higher-cost operations less frequently, but instances will factor into API usage.


The API quota applies to each GitClear account associated with the organization’s repositories. Imports cycle through users and if the limit is reached for all accounts the import will be paused for the remainder of that time period then resumed later.


To avoid processing delays consider:

  • Importing fewer repositories at the same time

  • Inviting more users to your GitClear entity who are contributors to the repository
    Note: GitClear billing is determined by the number of active contributors to your repositories, not the number of GitClear users. You can invite as many users as you like and it will not affect your billing. Learn more about GitClear’s account roles and pricing policy.

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