The Contributors List is a settings page you can visit by clicking Settings -> Contributors. It lets you control various aspects of who is considered an active developer within your company. This page will use the terms "contributor" and "committer" interchangeably, to mean "a developer who makes commits to git." Your Contributors page will look something like this:


Here is a rundown of the options available to apply to committers from the Contributors page.

linkRelease/Acquire Seat

As described in our documentation on Subscription Seats, these are the licenses that tell GitClear a developers data should be processed. Usually a company buys Subscription Seats for all of their active developers whose work matters to the product. Sometimes seats are also purchased to process the historical data from key departed developers.

You can change whether a contributor has a seat by either clicking the "Active Seat" / "Inactive" icon to the right of the name, or by clicking the cog on the right side of the row, and choosing "Release seat" or "Acquire seat" from the list options.

Merged committers are processed together as a single seat.

linkExile/Unexile Contributors

If you have bots or ex-team members whose stats you prefer not to see listed, you can designate them as "exiled" by choosing it from the options inside the cog.

When a contributor is exiled, they won't appear anywhere in GitClear. If they had a subscription seat, they will relinquish it automatically. If you change your mind later, you can unexile a contributor, but it will likely take hours or days for their stats to fully regenerate.

linkMerge into another committer

If a team member commits under multiple identities you can merge those into a single contributor. They will consume only one subscription seat.


Merging identities will also consolidate their commits under a single user when reviewing GitClear activity and metrics.


linkConnect with user

Generally speaking, this option isn't necessary, because when members from your team log in via their git provider, we will recognize the committer/user connection based on on the remote ID from the git provider. However, if you have team members who log in via email (or on Enterprise), where GitClear is unable to automatically recognize the link between a GitClear user and a "Contributor," then the "Connect with user" option allows you to make that connection.

Connecting committers to users allows a developer to view their individual stats. Access to a developer's individual stats is generally restricted to those who have been permissioned by the developer.

linkIgnore PR activity

Similar to "Exile," but this type of developer still has their non-PR activity shown in charts. This option is often used by companies who have installed bots or automated agents that add comments within pull requests, but should otherwise be ignored from being shown on dashboards.