Switching to a new note taking or todo app can often be a time-consuming hassle. Usually it is people in the busiest professions that are considering a migration, and time is the most precious commodity they have. Even if a new app looks like it has a ton of promise, the costs of making a migration sometimes force one's hand to stick with an older, less powerful legacy app.


NoteApps.info offers a service to accelerate your migration between note apps. It's called "NoteApps Switch" and it lets you migrate your notes and your tasks between most any two apps that have been indexed by NoteApps. In particular, the Switch product is great for users that want to:

Bring your attachments with you;

Preserve your tags, folders and notebooks when you switch;

When supported by the app, NoteSwitch also carries over your note and block references 💡;

Changed your mind or want to try another app? Use NoteSwitch for as many migrations as you want;

Different feature set? Customize your export to adapt to the new format.

linkHow does it work?

Note Switch helps you migrate to your new favorite note-taking app in 3 steps:

Export your notes from your current note-taking app;

Load the exported files into Note Switch, which will convert the notes for you;

Import the converted notes into your new note-taking app.


Privacy & security: are my notes safe?

Yes! Your notes never leave your computer. All of the processing is done on your machine, and we upload nothing to our servers. Note Switch requires access to the Internet for two things:

To authenticate you, to make sure you own a legitimate copy of Note Switch

To download the latest version of the Migration Engine to your computer

Can I import feature X from app Y?

Check out The Note Switch Migration Table for the most recent answer to this question.

How long does it all take?

The number of notes you are converting is the biggest factor; here's why:

The more notes you have, the more time it will take our algorithms to process everything. Your computer's resources also matter here.

Some apps don't handle large note imports very well. The more notes you are exporting, the more separate, bite-sized imports you will have to do once we convert your notes. But don't worry - NoteSwitch automatically separates your import in a convenient way.

Can I get a refund?

If you feel that your results were unsatisfactory, please email migrations@noteapps.info and we will issue a refund if we're unable to resolve your problem.

How many times can I use this service?

Once you purchase a copy of Note Switch, you can use it forever, for however many migrations you need it for. NoteSwitch will stay up to date with the latest fixes and improvements for as long as you can authenticate yourself.

What if my note app is not supported?

Submit your suggestion here! Adding support for a new app usually takes us less than a week.


Since the degree of difficulty in a note migration depends on circumstantial factors, you'll need to email migrations@noteapps.info to get an exact quote for your migration.

Generally speaking, we have three price tiers to choose from:



Basic migration
Use our automated tool to convert note content, or an online guided assistant helps for up to 30 minutes. 5,000 or less total notes to migrate


Intermediate migration
Up to 60 minutes of guided assistance (on a Zoom call or via email). Up to 10,000 total notes.


Advanced migration
No set limit of time our team will spend helping a migration. Up to 50,000 total notes migrated.


Read below for more details on how to work with us to get your notes migrated.

linkGet Started

To receive a specific quote for your note app migration, please email migrations@noteapps.info with the following information

Which app you intend to move from and to

Approximate count of notes that you've accumulated in the app you're leaving

Non-text, non-image content that is important to be retained in migration (e.g., Office documents, calendar, PDFs, tables). Depending on the features available in the new app, we will present the best options for retaining your non-text content

We respond to all migration inquiries within 1-2 business days. If you agree to our migration plan, we are almost always able to complete a migration effort within one week.