The Commit Activity Browser is one of GitClear's most popular features. It's also one of our most iterated features, so apologies if the screenshots from this Help Page don't look exactly like your screen. Life comes at you fast. 🙂


Hold down "Shift" when before clicking a commit to view the diff for that specific commit, even if you have commit groups enabled (as is the default).

linkRight side: recent commits

The size of each circle in the graph corresponds to its Line Impact:

The commits with a slash through them are unscheduled work (work not associated with a known issue tracker ticket), this can be particularly illuminating to see how much of your development work is happening "around the edges" in ways that are difficult to notice without GitClear.

link"Use commit group" options

Different options available for reviewing code

There are several ways you can group commits together -- one of many ways that GitClear helps developers save time reviewing code.

link"Colors" options

Different options available for controlling how commits are visually identified

The "Colors" menu in the lower-right allows minute control of how commits are visually grouped together in Commit Activity Browser.

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linkLeft side: committers and their biggest recent issues worked

Here's what's available on the left side of the browser: