My September side project was to create a web site that would make it easier to compare note taking apps -- you can see the result at In the launch notes for the site, I use Line Impact to help summarize the evolution of the project. That section is being re-posted here, for the purposes of comparison with others who are trying to hone their intuition about "how much Line Impact should X project require?"

As a whole, the code that has gone into building this small app amounted to 17k Line Impact so far. Something on the order of 10-20k Line Impact seems to be the typical range for building minimally interactive sites like blogs or Shopify stores.

Here was NoteApps journey into existence through the lens of GitClear:

The first hump around August 31 was setting up all the admin tools necessary to collect the data. Then it was relative calm for a couple weeks while the researcher did his work gathering data on the existing apps. All of the publicly visible pages on NoteApps were built during the last two weeks. About one page per day (there are only four pages on this site 🤫). Again, so much easier than it would have been with imperative Javascript monoliths built around arbitrary conventions.

According to the GitClear stats below, building the entire site has taken around 181 hours thus far, so something on the order of ~20 work days.

That 85 LI/hour in NoteApps compares to 48 LI/hour when working on GitClear itself (my "day job" developer role). Even though working on GitClear is very satisfying, working on NoteApps feels more fun -- there seems to be a correlation between the rate at which Line Impact is generated and the enjoyment of the development.