I've had a few situations lately where I have files that are staged in Rubymine and I want to unstage them via the Rybmine commit dialog, but in the process of doing so, I end up accidentally reverting the entirety of my change set.

The first couple times this happened, to address it I thought I had to navigate to each individual file that had changed, open the VCS dialog, and grab the version of that file just before my accidental revert. Since these commits had 10-20+ files in them, this was a tedious process to be sure.

I emailed Jetbrains support to ask them if they had a better suggestion, and indeed they did:

Revert is done by git, so from Local Changes point of view the entire revert should be under the single External Change event. So you can open the history of the folder containing the changes, or the entire project root, find the relevant change contacting all the files, and revert it.

This was very helpful, and confirmably true by right-clicking on my project:

Right click the project, then choose "Show History" from "Local History"

Once you click on "Show History," you can right click any recent version of your project files to revert to it:

Right click on a version to get the option to revert to it

Hope this helps save someone else time if they accidentally make a batch mistake while in the commit dialog for a Jetbrains product.