linkAvailable commands

Yappy's collection of commands will evolve as Bill has ideas, or as ideas are suggested to 🙂

link🧮 Expressions

As of April 7th, these expressions are supported by the Yappy v0.1 plugin. Note that the expressions evaluated below use GPT-4, which is slightly slower (and more powerful) than the standard ChatGPT mode that is used as the default if you haven't been accepted into the GPT-4 beta yet.



Finish a paragraph, list item, etc., by utilizing the surrounding context to insert something relevant.

At some point we will actually format incoming markdown as markdown 🙂

It is pretty good at list-making:


Prompt instructs AI to incorporate surroundings and lighten the mood. If a joke doesn't fit, maybe a limerick will?

What could be funnier than an infosec doc?

I guess that lolz can complete lists too?

linkImage (experimental)

You can generate images by invoking {image} and giving a prompt. As of initial implementation, it takes some work to convert your text markdown into images, but it goes pretty quick once you learn the process:

Caveat that invoking the images in this fashion will utilize their raw OpenAI URL as the image src. Bill isn't sure how long these URLs last for, but their URL looks kind of ephemeral? You might consider downloading the image and re-uploading it to the note if you want to be confident that the image will still be present 12 months from now. A future version of the plugin expects to upload the image content straight to Amplenote to avoid this possibility.

linkSum (experimental)

Is GPT smart enough to figure out how to sum columns with arbitrary units? Sometimes kind of!

Well, yeah, almost buddy

linkCode (experimental)

A Javascript method that calls OpenAI's chat API with a prompt:

Not bad, if you can wait for it

📚 Context commands

The commands available in the default Amplenote AI plugin are also available here.

linkContext menu: Complete

linkContext menu: Revise

✅ 😅

linkContext menu: Rhyming dictionary

One for the poets and songwriters.

linkContext menu: Thesaurus

It's possible to get suggestions for alternate words that make sense in context.

First, highlight the phrase. Then pick "Yappy: thesaurus"

Yappy will do its thing:

link📖 Note menu options

It's possible to send the entire contents of a note to OpenAI for revision or summary.

linkNote menu: Revise

Pick this and you'll get a popup that shows a revised version of the entire note that can be copied or inserted.

linkNote menu: Summarize

Pick this option to get a copy-able summary of the note contents. Useful for pasting in as an intro. The summary of this note: