Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki

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linkHi, my name is Jerzy and I can help you organize your business

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I have 20+ years of varied corporate and startup business experience. I speak Polish, English and French fluently.

You can call me at +48 602 19 20 81.

linkI am:

a corporate manager with 18years+ international experience

a podcaster ( - I know both how to be a podcast host and how to produce excellent sounding podcasts

a Youtuber ( - I know both how to be in front of the camera and how to shoot and edit pro grade video

a former alternative rock band member, music producer and manager ( - I play drums, guitars and keyboards and I know how to arrange, produce and mix songs

linkI can:

organize for you the teams in your company

set up and/or improve processes that work (or not) in your startup

help you with modern and pragmatic marketing

spot inefficiencies in how you operate and suggest how to correct them

set up (from scratch) or improve internal communication - it's a "low hanging fruit", since it's a simple matter with which a lot of companies (i.e. managers and board members) struggle

help you translate business needs into technical solutions, ranging from a simple choice of SaaS tools to choosing an enterprise-level self-hosted solution

linkMy resumé

linkFrom September 15th, 2022 until now - Chief Operating Officer at Helen and Ida

The company makes analog physical products for mindful families.

Journal of Emotional Bond - the first paper journal to be filled-out together by parents and children, that is an excellent conversation starter and a memory-maker.

linkFrom July 1st, 2006 until now - Entrepreneur, owner at Pinesound

This business has 3 sides - a consulting one, a service-oriented one and a product one.

linkManagement Consulting

For 8 years - People&Culture, HR, IT, Marketing and Operational consulting for the management board of the international big-law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel Warsaw

Management of HR, facility, IT, and marketing budgets with a total annual value in the range of up to PLN 10 million

Creating all the business processes and the communication scheme for the whole 85-person office

Conducting the project of renegotiating the lease agreement and relocating the Warsaw office (including 1700 sqm office fit-out works)

Initiating and conducting the reorganisation process for the administrative roles in the firm, making Gide Warsaw one of the best-rated law firm offices in Warsaw as far as work atmosphere and company culture is concerned

For 8 years - IT Direction and Project Management consulting for the management board of Gide Loyrette Nouel Warsaw

linkMedia Production Services

Recording and production of voice guides for the IP-telephony system for the international corporation Faurecia

Brand design, logo design and office document templates for various Warsaw boutique law firms, e.g. Warszawscy Adwokaci

Recording and production of an internal team-building song for DSM Nutritional

Production and publishing of 70+ episodes of Podcast Poza Prawem - the first and only Polish podcast for lawyers that was centred around non-legal topics

Production and publishing of 100+ episodes of Bez Edycji Podcast - top episodes have over 100k listens

Filming, production and publishing of the Hard Work Smart vlog on Youtube

Audio and video consulting for various corporations and companies, mainly in the field of acoustic design, cabling and AV equipment choice

Recording, mixing and producing songs (and records) for alternative rock, hip-hop and metal bands - Thesis, Painthing, Oktor, Crimson Rockets, Art

linkProduct Design

Writing, filming, editing and publishing of a productivity online course for corporate employees - Personal Work Organization

Physical product design, website design and setting up the Shopify online shop for Helen and Ida - Journal of Emotional Bond - the first paper journal to be filled-out together by parents and children, that is an excellent conversation starter and a memory-maker

linkFrom January 1st, 2005 to April 1st, 2006 - Project Manager at Gide Loyrette Nouel Warsaw

linkFrom January 1st, 2004 to January 1st, 2005 - Managing Partner's Assistant at Gide Loyrette Nouel Warsaw


Freelance French to Polish to French translator and proofreader

Administrative Assistant at Pierron Polska

Administrative Assistant at Fauché Polska