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Amplenote is heel erg gericht op het idee van ideeën omzetten tot actionable tasks. Dat trekt mij heel erg in vergelijking met Roam Research


We've come to believe that there are four phases to "idea execution," each of which have their own, largely distinct, app ecosystem:

Phase I: Create/Capture., MyMind, Google Keep, Apple Notes. ✨ Amplecap

Phase III: Make Actionable. Todoist, Things, Google Tasks.

Phase IV: Schedule It. Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar.

Waarbij je voorheen meerdere dingen nodig had, kun je het nu allemaal op een efficiënte manier vanuit één programma doen. Voor meer inzicht in hoe ik Amplenote precies gebruik, zie deze notitie over mijn workflow.

link🖌️ Write/Capture. "Jots" in Amplenote

In the first phase, the goal is to make it as frictionless as possible to capture whatever the user's latest greatest idea, most recent tweet, interesting article, or whatever else they encounter in the course of daily life that could be handy to have around later.

Je kunt hier ook tags selecteren om bij die dag een stukje over die tag te schrijven.

link🏭 Edit, Refine, Organize, Share. "Notes" in Amplenote

In the second phase, you begin to whittle down the deluge of content from the first phase. Here, the focus is on organizing ideas into areas where your future self can most easily discover them. The ideal experience for "Refine" mode offers sufficient UX to format text well enough to share it as a web page.

Amplenote's "Notes" mode lets you make connections between notes with backlinking, so you can form an organic web of connections between your note content. But we don't force the issue. Many "classic" note takers, not to mention Zettelkasten enthusiasts.

link🏋️‍♀️ Make It Actionable. "Tasks" in Amplenote

Once your best ideas are identified, what to do with them? This is where most note taking apps exit stage right. Yes, all of the popular apps listed above offer their own rudimentary solutions for todos. Invariably, these implementations lack even the most basic functionality that real world use requires. No task recurrence. No history of past tasks complete (except to the extent the user fashions their own bespoke system). Little-to-no ability to extract tasks from the notes in which they reside. Todos in note taking apps are just a sad lot.

Amplenote's Tasks mode is a hit among the action-oriented. This isn't about collection, research, or refinement -- it's about getting shit done. Specifically, it's about working on (or intentionally dismissing!) the most Important tasks that your past self identified. Not just whatever came up recently. "Tasks" mode helps disciplined users realize their long-term ambitions while not letting urgent or due tasks fall through the cracks.

Every task in Amplenote comes standard with recurrence built-in, plus a mini-Eisenhower matrix so our Task Score system can use the wisdom of your past self to present the task to your present self when it will be relevant to your current context (e.g., hobby-related tasks in the evenings).


link📆 Get It Scheduled, Get It Done. "Calendar" in Amplenote

Just because you have an organized list of what should get done doesn't mean that it's going to get done. The most productive people of our generation, such as one Elon Musk, don't leave their fate in the hands of the lowly todo list. Productivity maximalists need to know when the task is going to get done. In Elon's case, he wants to know what he'll be working on down to five minute increments. 😳 If that’s what it takes to get to Mars, go get em buddy.

Het synct met Google Calendar , dat is echt heel chill.


Je kunt met shift+click 2 tags aanklikken om op beide te filteren dus bijvoorbeeld:

plaats + activiteit

books + onderwerp

goals + gezondheid


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linkFeatures die ik graag nog in Amplenote zou willen zien:

Collapsable headings

Met bullet points kun je wel dingen in en uitklappen, maar met headings nog niet.

Bij het embedden van notes, dat de links te mappen zijn aan custom website links. Zodat als je ze published en iemand op de link klikt, dat die geredirect wordt naar de bijpassende pagina waar die note ge'embed is.

Tabellen (hier wordt aan gewerkt, en zou binnenkort uit moeten komen)

Graph view zoals Roam Research dat ook heeft.

ClickUp integratie voor tasks.

Remappable Shortcuts

To have a second note screen, in Roam Research kon je shift clicken om iets in een side panel te openen.

Inhoudsopgave die de headings toont, waar je op kunt klikken om naar die heading te gaan.

Als je een template invoegt, dat hij ook automatisch de tags van die template op je current page erbij zet.