Libinput general info docs




linkConfig options

  • Beget by gnome I believe?

  • Ubuntu: pointer speed, natural scrolling, two finger scrolling, edge scrolling, tap to click

  • Find settings in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ or /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/

linkWhat is the driver responsible for in Linux?

All the stuff touchpad.c does, and

  • Graphical interface to modify options

linkProject structure

  • Less than 1000: evdev-debounce.c, libinput-util.c, evdev-middle-button.c,

  • Less than 500: timer.c, path-seat.c, filter-tablet.c,


Seems used to connect kernel to libinput

linkevdev-mt-touchpad.c sez:

Touchpad.c (3500 lines, of which ~1200 were skimmed to compile these lists) as implemented by by libinput implies the scope as:

  • Detect "fake finger" presses, palm detection

  • Decide when a touch is ended/started

  • Abstract away cursor jitter (tp_detect_wobbling)

  • Trackpoint triggering (i.e., two finger scrolling?)

  • tp_palm_detect_move_out_of_edge

Weird shit

  • tp_restore_synaptics_touches

  • tp_process_fake_touches

  • tp_unpin_finger

  • tp_palm_was_in_side_edge

  • tp_palm_tap_is_palm