Quick Add

Add option to create a new note in the alert menu of Add journal eontry to today's jot and Insert content inside a note

@coding @Media Energia

Change function Publish schedule to Jot to mirror tasks to the daily jot, once the feature is shipped and we have plugin API calls for that
@coding @esperando @Media Energia

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Quick Add


Playlist Add


A plugin to add information quickly into other notes, without leaving the current note


WIth this plugin, you can add content to specific notes in your system without leaving the current screen/note. For it, you need to:

Open Quick Open using Ctrl + O

Type one of the commands or the plugin name in the field

Fill out the information you want to add, the format it should have and the home note

Here are the current options you can choose, this list will grow as the plugin gets updated:

Insert content inside a note (Quick Open)

It will open a general alert, follow the previously described steps to use it

The content will be added to the top of the note

Add journal entry to today's jot (Quick Open)

It will open an alert, asking you for the content to add to the current day's jot

Additionally, there's an option to add the current time, only with the current hour and minutes, before the text to be added

The content will be added to the top of the note

Insert time now (Curly brackets)

Inserts the current time to the current note, with the same functionality as the default {now} function, but with a style similar to Logseq and Roam Research

Can be accessed using the curly brackets, for quick access, just type {now and choose the plugin option in the dropdown menu

Publish schedule to Jot (Jots mode)

Publishes all tasks schedule to today in the daily jot

P.S. - It will only get tasks scheduled today that are still incomplete. It won't get overdue tasks from before today, nor completed tasks for today

Known issues:

If you try to insert a task into any note and the text of that task is multi-lined, it will show an error

You need to type "*" after using the Insert time now function to make the time bolded, this happens due to limitations in the insertText function of the API

Entry: https://github.com/Matheus-Felipe-C/Quick-add/lib/compiled.js


July 20th, 2024

Added an option to create a new note from the Insert content inside a note user prompt.

July 17th, 2024

Bugfix: Fixed error handling that appeared when added text didn't inform a formatting option

July 10th, 2024

Bugfix: Fixed bug on Insert time now function that wouldn't bold text

Added more user-friendly error handling

July 6th, 2024

Added buttons to redirect to edited files in Insert content inside a note and Add journal entry to today's jot functions

December 28th, 2023

Bugfix: Insert time now now goes back to the original formatting after insertion, instead of keeping the cursor bold

October 5th, 2023

Bugfix: Function Publish schedule to jot button will now appear if note hasn't been created and if the note doesn't have content inside it

September 28th, 2023}

Now the Publish schedule to jotfunction caller only appears if there is no corresponding heading

September 17th, 2023

Hotfix: fixed error that caused the plugin to not work

September 14th, 2023

Calling the Publish schedule to Jot function will now get the tag from the jot it's called from

You can now change the format of the agenda to bullet points, by changing the value of the formatAsBullet constant to true

September 1st, 2023


New function Publish schedule to Jot (use in Jots mode): Publishes all tasks schedule to today in the daily jot
P.S. - It will only get tasks schedule today that are still incomplete. It won't get overdue tasks from before today, nor completed tasks for today

Bug fixes:

Fixed bug where bullet points wouldn't be added using Insert content inside a note and Add journal entry to today's jot

August 31st, 2023

Bug fixes:

Fixed bug when a daily jot was created, it would throw ReferenceError: day is not defined

Fixed bug where created daily jots would get a wrong suffix

August 17th, 2023


New function Insert time now: Inserts the current time to the note, similar to {now}, but with a style similar to Logseq and Roam Research

Added specifications to the instructions session

Bug fixes:

Now adding multi-lined tasks will return an error

Calling Add journal entry to today's jot before today's jot was created will automatically create it for you

August 5th, 2023

Published the first version to the public

linkCode block

// Javascript updated 20/07/2024, 09:36:00 by Amplenote Plugin Builder from source code within "https://github.com/Matheus-Felipe-C/Quick-add/lib/compiled.js"
(() => {
// plugin.js
var plugin = {
constants: {
formatAsBullet: false
// Change to "true" if you want to format your agenda as bullet points
* This part only shows calls from the options amd error handling,
* the real implementation happens in the functions
appOption: {
// Inserts text inside a note
"Insert content inside a note": async function(app) {
try {
await this._insertContentPrompt(app);
} catch (err) {
//Creates a journal entry in today's jot
"Add journal entry to today's jot": async function(app) {
try {
await this._addJournalEntry(app);
} catch (err) {
insertText: {
//Has the same functionality as the {now} calculation, but with a cleaner look
"Insert time now": async function(app) {
try {
const text = await this._calculateCurrentTime();
const replacedText = await app.context.replaceSelection(`**${text}** | `);
if (replacedText) return null;
else return text;
} catch (err) {
dailyJotOption: {
"Publish schedule to Jot": async function(app, noteHandle) {
try {
let note = await app.findNote({ name: noteHandle.name, tags: noteHandle.tags });
if (!note) {
const uuid = await app.createNote(noteHandle.name, noteHandle.tags);
note = await app.findNote({ uuid });
await this._publishSchedule(app, note.uuid);
} catch (err) {
* Opens a prompt to add content inside the note
async _insertContentPrompt(app) {
console.log("Starting insertContentPrompt...");
const noteHandles = await app.filterNotes();
const result = await app.prompt("Insert content inside a note", {
inputs: [
{ label: "Text to add", type: "text" },
label: "Format as",
type: "select",
options: [
{ label: "Plain text", value: "plain" },
{ label: "Bullet point", value: "bullet" },
{ label: "Task", value: "task" }
{ label: "Select a note", type: "note", options: noteHandles },
{ label: "Create new note?", type: "checkbox" }
let [text, textFormat, noteResult, createNewNote] = result;
if (!text) throw new Error("Text field cannot be empty");
if (!noteResult && !createNewNote) throw new Error("Select a note or check the option to create a new one to properly continue");
if (createNewNote) noteResult = await this._createnewNote(app);
console.log("Calling _insertContent function");
await this._insertContent(app, text, textFormat, noteResult.uuid);
console.log("Content added successfully!");
const actionIndex = await app.alert("Content added successfully!", {
actions: [
{ icon: "search", label: "See changes in note", value: 2 }
if (actionIndex == 2) {
console.log("Going to edited note");
await app.navigate(`https://www.amplenote.com/notes/${noteResult.uuid}`);
//Adds a journal entry to today's jot
async _addJournalEntry(app) {
console.log("Starting addJournalEntry function...");
const todayTimestamp = Math.floor(Date.now() / 1e3);
let dailyJot = await app.notes.dailyJot(todayTimestamp);
dailyJot = dailyJot.uuid;
if (dailyJot == null) {
console.log("No Daily Jot for today, creating a new jot...");
dailyJot = await this._createDailyJot(app);
const result = await app.prompt("Add journal entry to today's jot", {
inputs: [
{ label: "Text to add", type: "text" },
{ label: "Add current time before the text", type: "checkbox" }
const [text, timeStampCheckbox] = result;
if (!text) throw new Error("Text field cannot be empty");
if (timeStampCheckbox) {
const loggedText = "**" + await this._calculateCurrentTime() + "** " + text;
await this._insertContent(app, loggedText, "bullet", dailyJot);
} else await this._insertContent(app, text, "bullet", dailyJot);
const actionIndex = await app.alert("Journal entry added!", {
actions: [
{ icon: "search", label: "See changes", value: 2 }
if (actionIndex == 2) {
console.log("Changing screen to jots mode");
* Calculates and returns the current time in the 24 hour format
* @return "markdown" of the current hour and minute as a String
async _calculateCurrentTime() {
console.log("Calculating current time...");
const date = /* @__PURE__ */ new Date();
let minutes = date.getMinutes();
if (minutes < 10) minutes = "0" + minutes.toString();
const logTime = date.getHours() + ":" + minutes;
console.log("Current time logged:" + logTime);
return logTime;
* Creates a new daily jot note
* @return String of the newly created jot's UUID
async _createDailyJot(app) {
const dt = /* @__PURE__ */ new Date();
const options = { month: "long", day: "numeric", year: "numeric" };
let suffix;
if (dt.getDate() > 3 && dt.getDate() < 21) suffix = "th";
else {
switch (dt.getDate() % 10) {
case 1:
suffix = "st";
case 2:
suffix = "nd";
case 2:
suffix = "rd";
case 3:
suffix = "th";
let today = dt.toLocaleDateString("en", options);
today = today.split(",");
today[0] += suffix;
today = today.join();
return await app.createNote(today, ["daily-jots"]);
* Publishes the current day's schedule to the daily jot
* @param {*} app
* @param {String} noteUIID
async _publishSchedule(app, noteUUID) {
console.log("Starting publish schedule function...");
const noteHandles = await app.filterNotes({ group: "taskLists" });
console.log("Filtering notes for tasks due today...");
console.log(`Total notes to filter: ${noteHandles.length}`);
const taskArray = await Promise.all(noteHandles.map(async (note) => {
return await this._getTasksDueToday(app, note.uuid);
const filteredArray = taskArray.filter((el) => el.length !== 0);
console.log("Tasks filtered successfully!");
let todayTasks = [];
filteredArray.forEach((array) => {
todayTasks = todayTasks.concat(array);
todayTasks.sort((a, b) => a.startTime - b.startTime);
console.log("Sorting tasks by startTime and transforming it into AM/PM format");
todayTasks.map((task) => {
const timeFormat = { hour: "numeric", minute: "2-digit" };
task.startTime = new Date(task.startTime * 1e3).toLocaleTimeString("en-US", timeFormat);
console.log("Printing tasks to todays jot...");
await Promise.all(todayTasks.reverse().map(async (task) => {
const text = "**" + task.startTime + "** " + task.content;
const format = this.constants.formatAsBullet ? "bullet" : "task";
await this._insertContent(app, text, format, noteUUID);
await this._insertContent(app, "# Agenda\n", null, noteUUID);
async _getTasksDueToday(app, noteUUID) {
const taskList = await app.getNoteTasks({ uuid: noteUUID });
const dateFormat = { month: "long", day: "numeric", year: "numeric" };
let tasksDueToday = taskList.filter((task) => {
const todayDate = (/* @__PURE__ */ new Date()).toLocaleDateString(dateFormat);
const startDate = new Date(task.startAt * 1e3).toLocaleDateString(dateFormat);
if (todayDate !== startDate) {
return false;
return task;
tasksDueToday = tasksDueToday.map((task) => {
const timeFormat = { hour: "numeric", minute: "2-digit", hour12: true };
const obj = {
content: task.content,
startTime: task.startAt
return obj;
return tasksDueToday;
* General function to insert content inside the note
* @param {*} app
* @param {String} text
* @param {String} textFormat - Formatting type of the text
* @param {String} noteUUID
* @returns void
async _insertContent(app, text, textFormat, noteUUID) {
console.log("Starting insertContent function...");
const note = await app.notes.find(noteUUID);
console.log("text format:" + textFormat);
console.log(`Text to add: ${text}
Note to add: ${note.name}`);
if (textFormat === "bullet") text = "- " + text;
if (textFormat === "task") {
await note.insertTask({ content: text });
} else await note.insertContent(text);
console.log("Content added successfully!");
async _createnewNote(app) {
const noteInfo = await app.prompt("Add information about the note below", {
inputs: [
{ label: "Note name", type: "text" },
{ label: "Add tags (Optional, max of 10)", type: "tags", limit: 10 }
const [noteName, noteTags] = noteInfo;
if (!noteName) throw new Error("Note name cannot be empty");
const noteTagArray = noteTags.split(",");
const noteUUID = await app.createNote(noteName, noteTagArray);
console.log("Note UUID: " + noteUUID);
if (!noteUUID) throw new Error("Note could not be created, notify the plugin author with error logs if this error appears");
return await app.findNote({ uuid: noteUUID });
var plugin_default = plugin;
return plugin;