GitClear has 3 different account roles. 

Owner - Each Organization or Repo can only have one owner. The owner of an organization is automatically the owner of all repos and vice-versa. The owner is the paying user on the account. The owner pays for all current contributors in their organization (prorated). They have full access to payments, account settings, and anything that is accessible by the users they are paying for. 

Admin - Like the Owner, Admin has full access to accounts and settings. The admin can see the stats for the entire Org/Repo and can view/comment on all commits. An Admin does not have access to any payment information.

Member - Members have access the Org/Repo they are a part of. They do not have access to Org/Repo settings or information they are not a contributor on.


linkOther terms to know:

Contributor - While a contributor is not an account type on GitClear, it is an important term to understand. A contributor is anyone who has committed to an organization within the last 30 days. The Owner pays based on the number of contributors in your organization. Learn more about managing contributors in an entity.

Org vs Repo - Both the Member and Admin account type can be set at both the organization and repository levels.  A user can be a Member of an organization, but an Admin of a repository. This allows for admin access to that repo, but not at the organization level. 

  • Example #1: Jim is a lead dev on the newapp team. All of their code is in repo #5. Jim needs admin access to repo #5, but he does not need access to the other team's repos. In this scenario, he would be a member of the organization, and an admin on repo #5. 

If a user is under a paid organization and imports a personal repo that is not a part of that paid organization, they will become the owner of their repo and organization and be required to pay separately.

If you have any questions about account types, please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to clarify any confusion. 

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