GitClear Enterprise supports SAML integration. Our preferred provider is Okta, but you can set this up with any SAML provider, assuming you have the equivalent information.

linkStep 1: Log in as an admin to your Enterprise instance and click "Enterprise Admin"

After logging in, you should see the "Enterprise Admin" menu up top. If you don't see this, contact the team member that set up your GitClear instance, and have them appoint you as an admin for the entity on the instance.

linkStep 2: Select "Configure SAML settings"

You don't need to check "Enable Single Sign On via SAML" yet - that'll be automatically checked after you set things up.

linkStep 3: Fill out SAML details

You'll need to specify a login endpoint (target), and certificate data.

Looking for how to set up a SAML app for GitClear? You can read our guide for setting this up in Okta for more info.

The SSO target will match the endpoint given by your provider, as, respectively, will the certificate. If you're looking for these in Okta, these will be present in the "View SAML setup instructions" button on Okta, next to your certificates, under the "Sign On" tab for your app configuration.

You'll be taken to a page that provides the target and certificate.

It will also list some XML metadata for setting these that you can copy on to GitClear, in this field:

This will auto-populate the configuration fields for you.

linkStep 4: Click "Submit"

After this is set up, SAML should be fully enabled on your instance. Please reach out to if you run into issues with any step of this guide - we're here to help.